Acknowledging religious diversity: Opportunities and challenges Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Because federal law protects the employee's right to religious accommodation, managers can not ignore the issue of religious diversity. The matter is much more than a simple legal compliance, however. Of course, managers need to better understand the laws that protect the rights of workers to live and prohibiting unequal treatment, religious persecution, and retribution. However, they also need to understand the various opportunities and challenges associated with the recognition of religious diversity. On the features side, studies show that allows employees to express aspects of their religion can improve their lives and work, so the value they attach to the organization. In addition, respect for religious diversity can stimulate thinking useful for communicating with other stakeholders in the field of advertising in the sports interests of sellers. Since learning more about a range of faiths can lead to greater familiarity with the various groups, we offer information about God Prothero is not one: Eight Rival Religions that govern the world and why their differences matter and practice different religions "associated with death issues. Finally, we give an idea of ​​the benefits of recognition of religious diversity, respecting those who identify, not a religion, and we do it without having to open the door to proselytizing. "Hide
by Betsy D Gelb, Terry Elkins Longacre Source: Business Horizons 10 pages. Publication Date: September 15, 2012. Prod. #: BH494-PDF-ENG

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