Hr Consultancy In The Mena Region Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


A consultant is a professional who provides expert or professional advice to the Individual in a particular area of expertise. Human resource consultant or HR consultant is one of the core components of management consultancy that examines the HR management tasks and decisions. In the 21st century, government, private, non-profit organizations seek to adapt to an ever-changing professional environment, where they can seek guidance and gain their career goal.

The objective of the HR consultancy firm is to provide job opportunities to the fresh graduates and skillful people and to get connected with the right company according to their skills. Moreover, it helps the companies to set the guidelines for fair, equitable, legal and ethical payment of employees (Martin, 2008).

The globalization of world economy and the differences between various countries present various challenges and issues to the national and international business. As a result, HR consultancy becomes more complex, uncertain and fast-moving than ever before. Moreover, the problem faced by the HR professional is to hire the best-qualified candidate with diverse personality, encourage innovative and creative and actively participate in decision-making tasks.

Nowadays, national and international firms rely more on HR consultants or specialists as a facilitator of work across borders and among different cultures. Therefore, it is highly important for the HR consulting firm must be knowledgeable of another culture, traditions, values, languages and business practice (Oltra, 2005).


One of the major issues and challenges faced by the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is the high unemployment rate causing many disengaged workers to remain in their jobs despite their dissatisfaction and unhappiness at work. Moreover, problems include a mismatch between an educational resume and the needs of employers in the region, the woman voluntarily chose not to work, and the highest youth unemployment rate in the world. Furthermore, underscoring the job creation challenge is faced by many MENA leaders and managers of the companies (Moghadam, 1989).

However, these issues have led the company to face various challenges in marketing the consultancy. Moreover, challenges include engaging the people to explore the MENA region for job opportunities, getting the right people, and retaining the top talent. Furthermore, challenges include managing diversity in the workplace, tapping into social recruiting, rely more on contingent workforce, and acting as strategic partners (Salehi-Isfahani, 2005).

Therefore, it is highly important for the HR consultants of the company to implement the advanced marketing strategies and practices to attract and retain the clients including fresh graduates. Moreover, the winning strategies will help the company to grow in the future and sustain its profits for the long-term.

Theme 1: Reaching the Customer: Creating and developing go to market strategies

In the previous years, global business firms and talent strategies ran typically in one direction from north to south, which means from developed market to the emerging market. However, the strategy becomes outdated and therefore, companies are looking for new approaches to hiring the talented candidates in the global world. Moreover, long-term development and retention of employees in the emerging market are advantages for the company (Barney, 1986).

However, the business environment is becoming more complex and competition to hire talent individual is becoming fierce day by day, especially in MENA region because the region is facing multiple challenges regarding unemployment rate. Moreover, access to talented and diverse workers is considered as a top priority of a country’s and the company’s competitiveness. Furthermore, the changing customers’ preferences, needs, and demands lead the company to face numerous challenges and issues such as high competition and gain a competitive edge.Hr Consultancy In The Mena Region Case Solution

Therefore, global business is beginning to recognize the need to build a local workforce that can respond effectively and efficiently to more sophisticated local buyers. The knowledgeable workers lead the company to gain customers and competitive advantage in the long run. Moreover, the company should build a go-to marketing strategy that help the people in the MENA region to utilize the job opportunities and increase the employment rate of the country. Furthermore, go-to-marketing strategies help the company to improve time-to-market, reduce the risk of failure, enhance the customer experience, avoid the wrong path, establish a path for growth and clarify plan and direction (Shuman, 2013)................

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