Zynga: Is the Game Over  Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Zynga: Is the Game Over  Case Solution


  • If you look at customer service in the video gaming industry, the cons seem to outweigh the advantages somewhat. One thing I notice about customer service when I'm playing a game is that the people running the counters or giving the play-offs a time play-through tends to have a headset on. I find this annoying because it takes away from the experience. If you have a mic and headset on, you don't have to worry about it and the person running the counters can get their job done. In the end, though, the customer service in video gaming just isn't very good and there are some people out there that don't mind paying a little more for good service and a headset.

Employee Stock Options

Another recommended action for the firm is to issue stocks to its employees as rewards especially to the upper level management i.e. CEO. This will help the company to retain its management for a long time period along with an increase in their work efficiency due to the bonus in form of stock options. Besides this, there are other pros and cons of employee stock options that are given below:


  • Employee Stock Options is considered as a part of the employee benefits that are provided to all the employees of a company. There are different types of these options and one of the most common is the Stock Option. This article will mainly focus on the pros and cons of having an employee stock option plan in the workplace. This is also referred as a stock option or an options strategy.
  • There are various advantages of using an employee stock option. In general, these options give the employees the right to purchase a certain number of shares of stock from the employer. But this right can be restricted at any time. The time period for which the restricted option can be used differs by every contract. So, an employee can exercise his option only within a fixed period. This option has an expiry date, upon which it is cancelled and the whole deal with respect to the employee stock option is terminated.


  • However, there are some disadvantages of an employee stock option as well. One disadvantage is that the option cannot be exercised during a planned period (known as the expiration date). And the total number of options does not decrease even if the employee gives up his right to purchase more stock. An employee who is exercising his option may not get the full premium amount even if the total options figure is high. Usually, when an employee exercises his option, the employer also pays a part of the amount.

Implementation and Execution Plan

R&D Revival

  • Although, as stated above the firm spends 37% of its total expenses on R&D. But, the organizational culture and the improper management resists the firm to utilize its R&D spending effective.
  • At first, the firm must develop a proper R&D team with proper check and balance based on the set targets.
  • Secondly, it should focus on increasing R&D budget by a certain percentage to cope up with increasing competition.
  • In the last, it should improvise its R&D with proper market research and customer reviews on current applications. The R&D should focus on building new games along with improvising the current products.

Customer Services

  • At first, management at Zynga must create a team focused at customer services by check and balance on customer complaints, reviews, and queries.
  • It must allocate certain portion of its budget every year to the customer service department.
  • The firm must built punish and reward system based on the index of customer satisfaction.

Employee Stock Options

  • In order to implement employee stock options, the firm must create various employee benefit packages in form of stock options based on the performance and the total time spent in service.
  • Along with it, the firm should try to motivate it employees to perform better and persuade them to take as a part of the firm.
  • The firm must create plans for employee stock options based on the market prices.

Three most relevant Best Practices of this Strategic Management Business Case

Data related to internal and External Environmental Forces

When we talk about a strategic management business case, we need to analyze the internal and external environment of the given firm. Information about internal environment includes; company background, products, organizational culture, business model and the financial data etc. On the other hand, information about external environment includes; information about major competitors, industry, government etc. This case contains all the necessary information for analyzing external and internal environmental forces.

Strategic Issues

Another most relevant practice is the strategic issues like leadership and its impact on overall company’s financial position and culture. Whenever you are practicing strategic management, you require an issue, which needed to analyzed and resolved. The more you resolve the business strategic issues, the more you become efficient.


Another major relevant practice for a strategic management business case practice is the timeliness. The case should be about the most recent incidents. It helps to acquire information from other sources like internet and make you independent from the case information only.............................

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