Holt Lunsford Commercial Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Holt Lunsford Commercial Case Solution


This case introduces Holt Slumlord Commercial, a real estate consultancy firm engaged in providing property management, development and leasing and other real estate related services to their owner and tenants of industrial and office building. However, Holt Slumlord Commercial had established a prominent position in the real-estate market and seen tremendous growth in the past decade. Furthermore, the firm had made critical changes in its organizational strategies to counter the ever increasing competition in the real-estate sector so that it could ensure its survival and sustain its growth and profitability. However, after analyzing the case, it can be determined that Stanton, the owner of Stanton tees (a wholesale T-shirt distribution business), is the most loyal client of the firm

Moreover, after analyzing the case, it was identified that Stanton was considering the decision regarding Welch Center as the lease-term would expire after the seven months. Therefore, for Stanton to make effective decision regarding the impending issue of renewal of the agreement or to buyback the building., the option of build-to-suit might apply in the case of Stanton. Additionally, in order to find effective solution to the primary issue concerning Stanton, he conducted an official serious meeting with Holt Slumlord Commercial to get advice regarding the different option available to him. However, the senior management of Holt’s offered Stanton to control its Advisory services. Hence, it was mutually decided between both parties that the advisory services function would be controlled by Holt Slumlord commercial.

In addition to this, it was decided that Holt Slumlord Commercial would control the entire process of lease and other services of real estate business of Stanton, therefore it was concluded that either of the three options available to Consultation provide benefit. If it was managed effectively and efficiently by setting the efficient management strategies that would support the company to achieve its business objectives, which, in turn would further enhance the relationship between the firm and Stanton.

Characteristics of industrial property

The primary characteristic of industrial property to be considered are given below.

  1. The industrial property’s strategic location is one of its characteristics, which is determine its accessibility in getting inventory and other material and equipment to and from the industrial property
  2. The industrial property’s category which includes whether it can be used as a warehouse for distribution and storage, or a manufacturing industrial property, or a flex industrial property.
  3. The industrial property’s taxes and related operating expenses and its cost upon sale.
  4. The industrial property’s tax benefits and depreciation.

Qualitative factors in Decision making of Stanton Tee

After analyzing the case it can be a qualitative factor, which could be determined to evaluate the market position of Stanton. However, it can be identified that the lease agreement was about to expire within seven months and the property would only remain in its possession if the real estate market could remain stable in the foreseeable future in term of stable economy. However, Stanton should devise a strategy to acquire possession of Welsh center for a longer-term period. Hence, Stanton should evaluate the real-estate market and analyze the economic factors so that it could better position itself to assess and estimate the inflation rates in its future, which would enable the company to ensure its profitability in the market without compromising its ability to outperform its competitors in the market. However, it could be achieved if the expected results would be favorable to the property holder for the selected years of agreement.

Moreover, it can be determined that it would be better suited for Stanton to remain and maintain Welsh Center because of its tremendous value increase exhibited by the property in the United States since 2009.

Quantitative factors in Decision Making of Stanton Tee

After analyzing the case and evaluating the values, it can be determined that for Stanton both options are considered beneficial attributed to the increasing demand and value of real estate business. However, it was expected that it would continue to grow and evolve in the future. Furthermore, it was evaluated that there were certain differences between the options available to Stanton, which would reflect upon its business activities in its future endeavors...............

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