Han’s Laser (A1): Solving The Cash Problem (2000-2009) Imd-3-2174 © 2010 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Imd-3-2174 © 2010
Nie, Winter ; Wang, James; Lu, Abraham Hongze

In April 2001, Gao had the ability to raise sufficient funds to win the bidding war and gain back control of  Han's Laser. The business was still having a hard time with a cash lack, so in June 2004, after an effective IPO, the business was noted on Shjenzhen Stock Exchange.

By 2007 sales had actually more than quadrupled given that the IPO and the business did not have adequate factory area to fill orders. Cash was as soon as again a problem, so the business raised cash through a SEO and went on to develop the biggest laser production website on the planet. Knowing goals: Options for solving capital issues - from pawning business automobiles to the capital markets.

Subjects: Chinese entrepreneurs; Laser equipment; Client-focused; R&D with Chinese characteristics; Venture capital in China; Relationship between private businesses and SOEs in China
Settings: China ; Laser Equipments ; US$256 million ; 2000-2009

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Han’s Laser (A1): Solving The Cash Problem (2000-2009) Imd-3-2174 © 2010

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