Kericho: A Sustainable Tea Plantation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2080 © 2009
Malnight, Thomas W.; Van der Graaf, Kees; Keys, Tracey

Unilever's work on sustainable farming has actually been focused on 5 crucial crops - palm oil, peas, spinach, tea and tomatoes. The Kericho tea plantation, the topic of the case, was the very first to be licensed as sustainable after Unilever allied with the Rain Forest Alliance to enhance its efforts.

Knowing goals: This case can be exploited to promote conversations with leaders around how to resolve the intricacies and comprehend the chances from CSR efforts. Distress around it can promote conversation which consists of: Does a market leader have an ethical responsibility to take obligation for its effect on nature? What advantages can a business obtain from resulting actions?

Subjects: Corporate social responsibility; Sustainability; Leadership; Partnership
Settings: Kenya; EuropeFood; Tea; Euro 40.5 billion turnover in 2008; 2004 – 2007

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Kericho: A Sustainable Tea Plantation

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