Himalaya Shampoo: Building a Differentiated Brand Image Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

With several categories and brands of personal care products showing significant increase recently, the Indian shampoo market was growing at an exponential rate. Like consumers in many emerging markets, Indians had begun to place perhaps, a heightened degree of importance on physical appearance as a consequence of Westernization and exposure to media.Traditionally, the Indians were recognized to utilize the herbs to nurture and enhance their hair. Now, nevertheless, Indian consumers were originated between the suggestions of "artificial" haircare brands versus the "natural advantages of the herbal" brands, regardless of the fact that some level of processing was required for both categories. How can the Himalaya brand create itself as an herbal offering that is differentiated in between this dichotomous culture of hair-care products? S. Ramesh Kumar is affiliated with Indian Institute of Management and S. Venkatesh is allied with Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

Himalaya Shampoo Building a Differentiated Brand Image Case Solution


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Himalaya Shampoo: Building a Differentiated Brand Image

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