Hillside Hospital Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Hillside Hospital Case Study Solution

What objectives was Dr. Wells trying to achieve with his administrative decisions? (List them)

  • He tries to regulate the personnel professional income of the physician’s inline with the guidelines of ‘Kent Medical School.'
  • Establish & maintaining a centralized billing department for recording the income of the physicians
  • He wants that all the full-time physicians join the trust
  • He also trying to achieve the objective of increasing the revenue of the department
  • Before the establishment of faculty practice plan income for department of medicine is was derived from hospital fund but it was not fulfilling the needs of the medicine department & they start facing financial issues, therefore, Dr. Wells laid the foundation of ‘Practice Plan’ in order to pool fund
  1. What specific actions did Dr. Wells initiate in order to achieve these objectives?

He established a Practice Plan that collects the all the Practitioner’s fees and then give them salaries out of the fund in accordance with the guidelines of Kent Medical School, and retain surplus for the department.

In order to maintained a centralized billing department Dr. Wells had recruit a business manager who is responsible for administering patients billing, record collections & report to members

  1. Communication -

Discuss your views with respect to the adequacy of communication between Dr. Wells and his department colleagues.

As in the case of Hillside hospital there is clear difference of opinion between the doctors as one of them said (Dr. Melvin) that she was not that what actually being proposed unit she join the trust this indicate that there is a communication gap exist, also she said that they are uncertain about the establishment of the trust, and also some very significant issues like what sort of contribution from the salaries would be required, faculty ranks, etc. and as a result she & few other doctors refused to join until these issues not resolved.

According to another doctor, Dr. Wells had not communicated the significance of the departments economic problem as he should suppose to do before, in fact he only said that “we had to make little extra money”, they also of the view that Dr. Wells was never like to talk about money, because of this they experiences significant communication problems.

In order to address these issues, Dr. Wells need to

  1. Group Practice versus Alternatives:

Are there alternatives besides the group practice idea that may have allowed Dr. Wells to achieve the departmental objective without the problems he encountered?

Group practice is particularly useful in the case of Hillside as it a large hospital and their patient base are relatively high therefore they need to need to continue group practice. Under such arrangement multi specialty practices are provided to the patients within one organization, they also offered more financial security to the organization due to large number of professional physicians & high volume of patients group practice is also financially a viable option in order to mitigate the business financial risk they also offer more health benefits to the patients as compare with alternative practices, it also enable the physician to focus more on their patients as there are many other people to manage the administrative activates which in the case of alternative practice would not be possible because in alternative practice the physician has to manage all the task himself, even with all these benefit group practices still have some disadvantages as well such as it reduces decision making power, enhance the risk of conflict of situation,

  1. Centralized Billing:

Could the problems encountered with the introduction of the central billing system have been avoided or at least minimized?

They are currently receiving information in different reporting formats, which is a serious problem, therefore, the Hillside hospital required to formulate a standard reporting format, in order to streamline the recording & documentation process, it will save the time & increase the efficiency of the task force.

Also, there are currently two different types of systems are operating in the organization. Therefore it is essential that they moved to one system, this will save time, improve efficiency, & ensure completeness as in case of two system there is risk that the transaction might not be recorded or might record twice

  1. Compensation & Rewards for Behavior:

Given the mission of the medical school in general and the public’s perception of what a medical school is supposed to do, comment on the compensation and reward system of the medical school and the Department of Surgery.  Were their practices well aligned with public expectations?

Generally the mission of the Medical school is to provide good quality education to their student this could be followed by a highly experienced, trained specialist faculty backup with a good research base background, this enables the medical school to provide a unique knowledge to their students that will help the resident during their practice period..................

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