Fintech: Choosing a Cloud Services Provider Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Fintech: Choosing a Cloud Services Provider Case Solution


Fintech is a privately owned organization, which works under the process of electronic payments for the distributors and wholesalers of alcoholic beverages. Its main customer is alcohol wholesalers and distributors in the U.S. Fintech was founded in late 1991 and is based in Tampa. They start their business with Electronic funds transfer payment system (EFTPS), which they use to keep the transactions of beverages and recorded them. Fintech is a combined word from “Finance and Technology”. It helps their customers to improve their technology and financial operations.

Fintech (EFTP) system records 1.5 million transactions per day. Now the market changing and the number of customers increasing day by day which creates a focus of the organization on data integration. Fintech looksitself toward the cloud services provider because of the increasing number of customers. Cloud services run through the internet instead of any fixed devices and they help the users to store data and run apps on different remote servers. These cloud computing services create an advantage for the organization in terms of Software, Infrastructure, and Platform services. The management wants to look over the cloud services for future profitability and stability for their customers(Gogan, 2017).

Problem Statement

In the meanwhile, technology is changing quickly, and running a business with its old (EFTPS) creates a high challenge for Fintech. They want to engage with their employees from any location and at any time and without cloud services the organization faces another challenge. They want cloud services to provide appropriate financial services to their customers in this young generation time. Fintech faces a large number of the database with the increasing number of customers and without cloud services, it creates a challenge for them to maintain itHowever, the Fintech industry is facing various challenges and problems due to which the business growth of the industry reduce continuously (Gogan, 2017).

The major challenges that the Fintech industry facing include

  • Data security: Data security risks are the major challenging concern in the internet or digital world associated with the Fintech industry due to the high cyber-attacks.
  • AI and Big dataintegration: The black box Algorithms, lack of transparency, and high risk of business in the decision making.
  • Personalized services: Personalized services required a huge budget to deliver services and a high risk of data security is also associated with the personalized services.
  • Lack of tech expertise and marketing tactics: The lack of expertise in marketing and technology leads to the disruption of business.


Fintech is one of the leading companies that have significant business growth in the market. The main customers of the company include alcohol wholesalers and retailers across the USA and the company has recorded sales. The industry needs to maintain its business growth to achieve its targets.The company has an EFTP system for transaction updating and recording, however, the system can record 1.5 million transactions per day. Furthermore, the company faced data integration problems so to solve this issue the company executive members decided to choose a cloud system for further services (Vivek, 2020).

The most appropriate cloud services that the management suggested include

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Microsoft


Cloud is considered one of the most favorable and appropriate systems for the company that does not require a heavy investment as the EFTP system required a high investment to operate. The company can rent the cloud which is a positive aspect of the cloud. However, the EFTP system can only handle as well as enhance the transaction while it would be challenging for the company in the future because the number of customers in Fintech increases on daily bases. So, the increase in the number of transactions would be challenging for the company. It signifies that the volume of the transaction data would increase as a result of the increase in the transaction. The management of the company decided to choose a cloud-based solution that would be less expensive, more comfortable, and more sufficient in scale. The management of the company decides the top three most efficient cloud systems including Google, Amazon, and Microsoft(Gupta, 2018).


The management of the company wanted to choose a suitable cloud that has high efficiency as well as would have stronger performance. The three most prominent clouds are currently used by many companies including Google, Microsoft, and Amazon. The three cloud providers will provide extensive services to the company and suggest comprehensive result support on different operating devices and Software Development Kits (SDKs). Each of the clouds is SDK supported and has various features that help the company and each SDK is supported by multiple programming languages. Google cloud platform has 2nd generation cloud that has 16 Virtual CPUs performance while having storage of 1024 GB with a monthly cost of $1,684. Furthermore, the google cloud system has a  high risk of cyber-attacks due to which online scams and frauds can shut down the business growth of the industry (Xu, 2022)....................

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