Reaching the Summit and Beyond: Hong Kong Broadband Network’s Innovative Approach to Talent Engagement Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Reaching the Summit and Beyond: Hong Kong Broadband Network’s Innovative Approach to Talent Engagement Case Solution


  • Inability of NiQto deal with the talent management issues might threaten the brand reputation in the market.
  • Adding the hired employees cost to the salaries of existing employees would further increase the operational cost.
  • Less focus on skills as compared to mindsets would not generate ideas and lack capabilities of the employees to successfully implement any approach.
  • Improper training and learning environment would result in declined sales and increased threat of competition.

Porter Five Forces:


The telecom industry is primarily dominated by a number of leading players in the market due to which the threat to competition is high. But, the organization has been successfully in managing its strategic position through its talent management and technological approach.

Bargaining Power of Supplier:

Majority of the business operations are known to be handled by the organization on their own. Due to this reason, the bargaining power of supplier is low.Bargaining Power of customer:

For the installation of the broadband network, there is a requirement to contact to the IT technicians. Because not every individual has the skill to install a broadband network. Despite the fact, customers prefer the installation at low price and some customers were found to be reluctant to have no of wires in their homes. Thus, the bargaining power of customers is moderate.

Threat of New Entrant:

Due to the presence of number of leading players in the telecom industry, the threat of new entrant is low. Because there is a requirement of heavy investment in order to capture the larger customer base and satisfy their needs and demands at relatively low price in comparison to those offered by other players in the market.

Threat of New Substitute:

With the advancement in the technological approaches, the need of the customers to install the network with the help of an IT technician has been declining. Similarly, the number of technicians responsible for installation of rate has experienced decline in the installation rate. Thus, the threat of new substitute is high.

Best Fit School

Organizational Culture

The major focus of the organizational culture was on strategic human resources management, so that the employees get motivated to work and align their goals with the company’s mission. Due to this reason, customer satisfaction was considered to be the employee’s first preference. The culture inside the HKBN group is different from its competitors exist in the market, as the company emphasizes over the unique culture of talent framework, which is the company’s competitive advantage. There is a major emphasis on the development of talent and empowering the deserving talent that is capable of taking efficient decisions. Two major factors were considered thoroughly, which are: high engagement of the workforce and high level of work performance. (Bhatnagar, 2007)Therefore, the morale and motivation of the workforce are aligned with the company’s goals.

Thus, the approach of instilling a learning culture in the organization, the organization focused on a structured strategic approach regarding talent management followed by the development of various talents. It led to increased encouragement life learning than training.Thus, the talent engagement programs mainly included:

  • Talent ∞ program
  • Next Station University
  • Education Partnerships’
  • Power Bar Career Rotation Program
  • Team Building activities

Organizational Structure

The core functions of HKBN is administered by Co-Owners, such as: supervisors and manager level Talents who invests their savings to purchase shares of the company or either or invest some part of their salary in a common KPI and in case of returns they share the profits.

Talent Assessment

According to the company’s management; the talent management system revolves around its people and the company gives credit to the people for its continuous success and better performance. The management considers all the factors that prevail the healthy culture inside the organization and bring efficiency to work, and those factors are: morale, attitude and ability of the employees. (Robert E. Lewis, 2006)Moreover, this is not possible without enhancing the technology and efficient working environment to deliver the best customer service.The key performance indicators required for the assessment of the talent within the organization were found to be associated with the respective functional areas of the organization. The metrics for talent assessment include:

  • For IT personnel;recovery time, down time and etc.
  • For technicians; up-selling, customer feedback, and installation of broadband at the premises of customer.
  • For CEO; network coverage expansion, EBIDTA, subscription growth, net profit, and revenue. (Gabčanová, 2012)

Learning Partnerships

In terms of management buy-out, the approach of acquisition by CVC Capital Partners was primarily based on combining its financial strength with the established capabilities of HKBN. When the company invested in the development of the framework of the talent management system consisting of seven levels; there were positive effects on the people. The efficiency of the system became one of the factors for bringing efficiency and effectiveness in the company. The company has now become more competitive in the market, in order to become the leader by recruiting fresh blood.

The core purpose of the talent management system is to become more trustworthy, responsive, flexible, pioneer and engaging. Besides that, the company achieved success with the help of focus and commitment.(Zyuganov, 2012)However, a delegation of authority is important for the company, to some extent; therefore, the company realized this fact and delegated the authority for decision making to some extent so that decisions are aligned with the vision of the company in longer-term, and with the goals in the short term. Besides that, continuous training is important for the company, to get the best out of the new talents and keeping them motivated and committed to the company.(McGrail(, 2005)


Based on the issues faced by the organization and the approach of talent management, there is a requirement to bring change in order to remain competitive in the global market due to dramatic increase in the strategic opportunities to international HR management. (Randall S. Schuyler, 2011)

What:There is a requirement to leverage skills in the current talent of the organization to add value followed by the maintenance of lean talent and maximizing human resource................

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