Highlands Garden Village Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 3


  • It focuses energy efficiency more walking, less driving and user friendly environment.
  • It reduces the requirement of the use of new materials and also result in energy conversation.
  • Sustainable green design/construction techniques also increases the value of the property as well as its high performance features create value for the tenants. As, it also reduces the costs of employee relocation within building as well as reduce energy and water bills that assist in attracting and retaining the tenants.
  •  It improve exposure to the natural light and also air quality that result in healthy life of the human.


  • The business case of the sustainable green design is slightly controversial
  • The piecemeal approach to the green design/construction techniques may result in the increase in the total cost of the project.
  • In a sustainable green design/construction it is difficult to judge that whether buyers or tenants would pay a premium for construction of green budding or not.
  • Developers are suspicious of spending more upfront on the untested technologies of the energy efficient.


ü  The use of Sustainable green design/construction improves the designing, construction and operations of the buildings.

ü  The design of the project result in high quality natural environment, human heath as well as economy.

ü  The interactive designs decreases the uncertainty of the project.


ü  The use of Sustainable green design/construction techniques save potential cost and it is less costly in comparison with the traditional building design.

ü  It provides an opportunity to save the energy cost of 20-50% by using the integrated planning.

ü  Sustainable green design/construction techniques also helps in reducing the legal liability related to the sick building litigation and insurance premium.   


ü  The permission for the sustainable green design/constructionhas now become slightly easier than before.


ü  Sustainable green design/construction techniques promotes the quality of life for the people of community.

ü  It provides the buyers with an opportunity to choose from the wide variety of available options.

ü  Sustainable green design/construction techniques also focuses on the promotion of different uses for different levels of income


ü  It involves variety of types, size and color of mixed housing.

ü   The minimum environmental impact the development and operations of the projects.

ü  Reduces use of the new materials.

ü  It reduces water usage by 30%

Tradeoff between financial results, environmental and social benefits 

ü  The use of sustainable green design/construction techniques provide effective financial results as by providing the high quality benefits to the community.

ü  Implementation of the sustainable green design/construction techniques results in lower costs while providing the high growth in term of productivity and profitability of the company.

ü  Sustainable green design effectively links the financial, environmental and social benefits by focusing on providing highly worth services to the users in the community.

ü  It uses efficient energy systems that reduces the cost of energy reduction. 

Question 4

  • It is concluded from the above analysis that the implementation of the Sustainable green design/construction techniques would provide more opportunities to the companies to grow in terms of productivity and profitability.
  • Moreover, it is useful for the companies to use sustainable green design in their project development in order to reduce their overall cost of the business operations.
  • As well, during the situation of high competition in the industry it would be more beneficial to get competitive advantage over other companies in the market by becoming the source for the differentiation.
  • Perry and Rose facing a risk of falling behind the schedule on the commercial factors of the project developments. In order to finish the project on time, they have to make decisions within one week time period.
  •  The new project of the Sustainable green design based upon revitalization of the underused sites.
  • Perry and Rose is also confused in deciding whether they would be able to maintain the balance between their financial objectives and social mission.
  • The Highlands Garden Village provided the approximated cost of savings as $425,000 for site.
  • Additionally, total additional up-front costs are zero for the site.
  • The residential development of the Highlands Garden Village provides the total cost savings around 10% of utility costs per year as well as total additional up-front costs of about 1% of total construction costs.
  •  The submetering of water at the site of the Highlands Garden Village reduces the usage of the water by 30% and xeriscaping result in the water conservation.
  • The engineered lumber products in the residential development requires 50% less wood to create as well as use of low VOC paints results in reduction of CO2 emissions that improves air quality.
  • The use of 30 tons of concrete rushed and reused as road base also reduces the use of new materials in the project...................................

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