HOUSE OF QUALITY AT APPLE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

House of Quality At  Apple   Case Solution 


It is a tool which implement in an organization in order to improve the product quality with a quick response in return. It is the approach that has taken by the management for the long-term goal that leads to the customer satisfaction.
It emphasizes on the quality and improvement in business dimension. It expands to the process which focuses on the quality of products and services that emphasizes a wider scope of business activities. It deliberately manages the whole organization and the people by targeting the entire process. It is not a simple to implement. There are several concept that describing the total quality management.

 It focuses on the customer and stake holder by fulfilling and providing the needs. It provides quality products and services with a minimal cost in order to value the owners and customers.

 It enlarges the ability of thinking and provides continuous improvement.
 It recognizes the concept of six sigma in which environment both internal and external treated equally.
 It focuses on the way of completing the task rather than thinking what the task is all about.
 It provides the sense of achievement to the entire worker because it promotes the team efforts and it emphasize on the participation of all the employees within an organization.

I phone

I phone is leading in the market based on the quality. The first sensitive touch screen mobile launched by Steve Jobs. He is an initiator and influence who set the trend by building innovation. It is certified by ISO 9001, 14001. It targets the huge customer in limited period of time.I phone 1g launched in 2007 and it only sold in USA. There were few application and games applied in the first I phone. When I phone 3G launched it has multiple feature it supports 2G and 3g network with a maximum speed of 7.2 MBPS. Application built according to the needs of the people and area in which they are belonged to.Littler, more effective remote autos overwhelmed the business sector, cutting in on US automakers who trusted Americans would keep on purchasing American autos in spite of the quickly rising gas cost. Their unwillingness to fulfill client needs had taken a toll them billions of dollars.
Need of TQM in Iphone

Quality Management is a field which keeps up a check and adjusts over anything which comes in business sector. The aggregate quality administration idea speaks to an essential change in the definition and treatment of value in product advancement. Since the start of the mechanical unrest, US commercial ventures had an item centered mindset........................

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