Fixing the Broken Criminal Justice System OF the USA Case Study Solution


Crime is defined as an actwhich is illegal and violates law and can be punished by the government. Crime has been on the rise for centuries. Crime has been significantly haunting the United States of America and other western countries. The President of the Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice reported the costsincurred due to criminal activities in the year 1965 as $21 billion which even exceeded the figureof unemployment in U.S.(Ehrlich 1972)

The statistics obtained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States show that a property crime being reported every three seconds and a violating crime has been reported in every twenty-two seconds. The crimes which have been reported the most are the property crimes which are practically ten times the reported violent crimes. The statistics regarding the crimes show around ten million property crimes whereas the violating crime were reported around one and half million each year. (Ehrlich 1972)

Types of Criminal Activity:

There are a lot of types of crime in which people act differently. There are few of the most occurred crimes which are discussed below:


The word theft refers to a person stealing from another person without his/her consent with the intention of reselling or using. The thefts amounting to less $500 are known as petty thefts, whereas thefts amounting more than $500 refer to grand theft. Theft is one of the top crimes in the United States of America and out weighs other types of crimes. The crime statistics show that around 7 million of thefts are reported each year which makes up for 60% of the overall reported crimes. (Criminal Justice degree hub n.d.)


Another type of crime is burglary in which a person breaks into another person’s home with the intention of stealing and may also hurt the person or damage his/her property. The statistics show that an aggregate amount around $2 million is stolen each year through burglary which makes up for 18% of the overall crimes.(Criminal Justice degree hub n.d.)

Motor Vehicle Theft

It is a type of theft in which people steal other people’s vehicles or parts of the vehicle in order to sell it to get money. There are millions of cars stolen each year in the United States and accounts for at least 10% of the reported crimes. (Criminal Justice degree hub n.d.)


Assaulting is a violating crime in which a person hurts another person for various reasons. Some of the reasons could be due to engaging in a fight, for stealing or due to grudges. Most of the assaults which are conducted are through weapons such as knives and guns. The overall assaulted crimes conducted in the United States are around 7% in the overall crimes. (Criminal Justice degree hub n.d.)


A type of crime which a person commits through by robbing a person or place. Most of the robberies conducted in the United States are in the grocery shops and liquor stores and often sometimes in banks. The robberies conducted in the United States are close to around half million and account for around 3% each year.(Criminal Justice degreehub n.d.)

Crime Rate in the USA

Looking at the overall statistics of the United States in the year 2017 it is found that the crime index is at around 48.47 and the safety index is 51.53. The crime rate has been increasing Power the past three years. The Safety index is considered low during the night times in the U.S,but it is high during the day.

The cities in which the most crimes are committed are Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore, Oakland, Saint Louis and few others.

Broken Criminal Justice System of the USA

In some of the articles and journals, it was noted that the criminal justice system of USA had failed in performing its functions effectively. Currently, in the United States, it was found that over 2.3 million people are in the criminal justice system and around 11 million people are in and out of the local jails on a yearly basis. The numbers not only kept on increasing but also most of the people who were reported in crimes belonged to different races. The number of women engaged in illegal activities has greatly increased. In the year 1970, there were less than 8000 women in jail, and currently, the number reached almost to 110,000 women in jail. (Solomon 2016)

The biggest impact on the broken Criminal Justice System is racism as the people who get arrested by police are mostly the African Americans. The African Americans are shot 21 times more than their white counterparts by the police officers.




A survey was conducted on the people arrested who regularly used drugs and are addicted to it. These inmates suffered from mental health disorders as the prison system did not had any rehabilitation facilities neither was it organised which caused a serious problem for the inmates. (Solomon 2016)

Most of the sentences which were being carried out by judges were biased and lacked common sense which resulted in unfair justice(Freudenberg 2001). Most of the scholars and researchers have argued on the current functioning of the Criminal Justice System and have addressed for fixing the broken Criminal Justice System. (Solomon 2016)...................

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