Healthy Life Group Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A budding entrepreneur, with her father, has bought exclusive Canadian distribution rights to Nutrifusion, a new health supplement that supplied helpings of vegetables and fruits when added to various foods. They are contemplating starting Healthy Life Group (HLG), a firm to market and spread Nutrifusion in Canada.

They would like to evaluate the financial feasibility of the product for the company's first year of operations, ending. The business plan looks feasible and also in the event the financials look favorable, daughter and the dad will proceed together with the new venture. This case serves as an introduction to financial analysis and the development of planned financial statements.

Pupils are given the chance examine a proposed distribution strategy to assess the food and health business qualitatively, prepare the first year's projected income statement and balance sheet then make an overall choice based on their analysis.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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