The War for Management Talent in China Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This discovery of the note is part of the teaching materials in China, which operates as an illustration of the effects of management in the so-called war for talent, and is designed to create an understanding "as the best talent to play the game" in China or elsewhere. We strive to create interactive and rich class discussion of issues raised among experienced business practitioners, taking a number of interesting learning formats: opening note, in four cases, "detailed exercise" and video. In particular, this note presents the main talent issues that local and foreign business leaders in China are facing today. Being deliberately brief, the note is designed to quickly explore the "big picture" issues related to the talents in China today. Learning Objectives: Among the most important issues in talent management should be considered in this set of teaching materials, the following are the most central to the study of a class of members: 1) Since the summation of potential candidates is the first and most important step in talent management, what characteristics should a business leader seeks to meet the requirements for the competence of today and prepare for the future? 2) What would be some creative possibilities and practices of the source, attract, develop and retain talented managers? "Hide
by William A. Fisher, Rebecca Chung Source: IMD 5 pages. Publication Date: February 11, 2008. Prod. #: IMD340-PDF-ENG

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The War for Management Talent in China

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