HealthReach and HABLA (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case study is a Darden case study. Jim Zimmerman, who is the executive director of Health Reach clinic, approached Abbott Fund to discuss regarding supplying additional funds to continue the very successful and invaluable medical interpretation program, one of the organizations that helped fund HABLA in 1992. Moreover, Abbott Fund agreed for theadditional capital for HABLA, pledging $100,000 to be split over two years, which would keep the program afloat and support its growth.

With this support, his staff and Zimmerman expanded the plan so that it accomplished more non-English-speaking people in the Chicago region. After several years of increase, the HABLA plan caught the media's attention, and with this promotion, was poised to serve as a model for other communities in America.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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HealthReach and HABLA (B)

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