Healthcare Business Profession Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Recommendation for Healthcare Business Administrators

Healthcare profession is a challenging career, it is changing rapidly as compared to any other profession. Healthcare professionals or administrators have different roles depending on the organization that offers different categories. The more the health care professional committed to learn and grow, the more he achieve to enhance his skills and expertise. Health care administrators have diversified range within the industry, the leadership qualities sets the long term direction in order to get success. Around more than 40% of the health care administrators work internally in the hospital. The other employment pattern encompasses physicians, a group of medical practitioners, nursing care facilities, home & health care agencies, etc. Each department and the group is responsible for the performance of a particular department.

In order to become a successful professional in the health care industry, at least a four year bachelor degree is required for the entry level to enter into the profession. Potential health care professionals should look for advancement and learning programs accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education. It is the program that favors the potential healthcare administrators to improve the quality and commitment to the work. To better organize a career in the long term perspective, healthcare administrators can get certification from different recognized institutes, such as the American College of Healthcare Administrators and Professional Association of Health Care Office Management.

Healthcare administrators should also aware regarding the new developments in the healthcare industry related to laws, policies and technology. They must be creative, analytical and flexible in order to accept the challenges efficiently. They should be able to communicate and handle different kind of people having different cultural backgrounds. Healthcare professionals should approach higher level to achieve key goals and objectives at the executive level. It is up to the individual capability and approach of the professional whether to opt for a higher achievement in the life or restrict at a certain level. A healthcare professional should demonstrate the ability to identify and accept the limitations in the knowledge and clinical skills, he should eager to learn about the latest technology used in health sciences and public health to achieve success in the long term. Healthcare administrators should be able to validate biomedical information to solve the problems and make effective decisions..............................

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