Han’s Laser (B): The Challenge Of Growth And Profitability (2000-2009) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-2175 © 2010
Nie, Winter ; Wang, James; Lu, Abraham Hongze

By 2006, Han's Laser had actually increased to be the world's number one manufacturer of laser markers. Unlike the fast-moving customer products market, the laser market had a limited number of consumers and Hans Laser's devices had a life period of 30 or more years.

When the worldwide recession struck the business hard in 2008, it triggered Gao to reconsider his growth technique. He dabbled numerous options from diversity to going worldwide. Knowing goals: This case functions as the root for conversation on a growth-oriented design vs. a profit-oriented design.

Subjects: Chinese entrepreneurs; Laser equipment; Client-focused; R&D with Chinese characteristics; Venture capital in China; Relationship between private businesses and SOEs in China
Settings: China ; Laser Equipments ; US$256 million ; 2000-2009

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Han’s Laser (B): The Challenge Of Growth And Profitability (2000-2009)

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