Erik Peterson Integrative Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Internal Factors

  • Ineffective Job Designing: - This problem was occurring due to the lack of interest from the side of Richard Jenkins because being the president of the medical devices group, it was his key responsibility to comprehensively explain the reporting structure of his unit and also provide a clear view to all the employees regarding the span of their responsibility and control in the organization. It is also observed that the organizational culture was also so weak that most of the executives were exercising informal control and authority over their sub-ordinates i.e. Hardy and Peterson.
  • Lack of Experience Regarding Product Development: - Being a fresh graduate from the university, Peterson had a very limited field experience in the product development unit. That was his first time when he had officially joined an organization and was directly appointed as a product manager and then within a short period of time he was promoted to the position of General Manager. Therefore, he was unable to precede the product development unit in the right direction with a high level of effectiveness.
  • Lack of Confidence: - Peterson was new to the industry and being a young fellow most of the managers and colleagues criticized him for having limited knowledge about the industry i.e. Once Peterson was asked to write a report about his reflections on the neurovascular coil product line. Upon asking from Green he gave an oral summary of his report to him, in which he had criticized the product’s line chief engineer, who he think was technically very intelligent and hardworking but was unable to incorporate the customers’ demands and feedback in the process of product design. After hearing that Green had criticized him that he was more experienced than him and had one of the best run units within SciMat.
  • Personal Clashes with Cantor and Green: - The major cause of this problem was his personal clashes with Cantor and Green during the summer orientation session at SciMat’s Headquarters in Los Angeles.

External Factors

  • In-effective Validation Process of Biometra’s Catheter: - The major cause behind this problem was a lack of expertise and proper attention from contractors towards the process of manufacturing because they had no reasonable excuse for delayed production.
  • Inter-organizational Conflicts: - Major cause behind this issue was lack of proper co-ordination among employees of the organization or with that of other departments. Every conflict was backed by the appropriate personal interest of an employee.
  •  Lack of Communication: - The organization had no proper communication network that could communicate a decision from the top management to the lower level employees, which was the major cause behind this issue.
  • Lack of Co-ordination: - Employees gave priority to their self interest over the unified interest of the organization, which led to a severe condition of lack of co-ordination among employees.
  1. 1.      How effective Peterson has been in taking charge of the Hanover start-up in terms of a) managing the new operation and b) of providing leadership? Use separate sub-headings to address a) and b). In a separate section, evaluate the characteristics of effective leadership needed in this situation and make recommendations to enhance leadership effectiveness.

Peterson had a very limited experience in the field of new product development but even then he had contributed a lot in managing the new operations through his effective leadership skills.

Managing the New Operations: - When the production facility was outsourced to the Costa Rican manufacturers, Peterson became increasingly convinced that it would be necessary to increase the direct co-ordination between the operations teams and Costa Rican technicians to complete the validation. Peterson was not satisfied with the pre-launch experience of Andrew and wanted to replace him with such a person who had more start-up or pre-launch experience. But unfortunately his suggestion was not accepted by the corporate office of the company because they thought that Andrew had the technical excellence to drive a successful launch. They had also directed Peterson to provide him more assistance and support in the pre-launch activities because it would be much expensive for the company to find a person like him in such a competitive environment. Peterson had adopted a number of new approaches to work with Andrews i.e. he had offered him a 1-1 counseling session to discuss and settle down all the issues between them, established an effective inventory control system...................................

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