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Peru is considered as the fifth largest country in America regarding the population, after Brazil, Mexico, Columbia and Argentina. It has a population of around 27 million people and divided social-economically between the usually better of European descendants.  The social–economically include the geographic pattern and the existing pattern of the ’people's reaction. It has been identified that the response of the reply of urban migration was an increase from the previous years from 35% to 75% in 2004.

Peru is currently governed as a presidential democracy with a single legislative chamber. The political and institution and governance arrangement were designed for the transition from military to social rule. Peru is a well-developing the country with the stable economic conditions and performs better as compared to other neighbor countries. Peru has a high level of export dependence on revenues from minerals and metals. Moreover, its economy is somewhat susceptible to fluctuation in world commodity prices.



Peru is the heartland of the Inca civilization that extended from present-day Ecuador to central Chile. The Inca Empire preceded the Spanish conquest for the last 300 years. At the beginning of the 20th century, the political power was a struggle between the conservative elite and more liberal elements pressing for changes to the social and economic structure of the company. The country improved the economic conditions and increased the employees’ wages to increase the political position of the company as well as it invented the technology to improve its position.

The World Bank initially controlled the country, and they measured the performance of governance indicators. The bank has the control on the operations of the state and allows the participation of trust and society in the political process as well as it has improved the political rights.

Geographic, where they are located and which countries are near them?

The country has developed in the remote locations where getting access is difficult. The location is dry and the weather is usually sunny, which is especially favorable for growing grape. Peru covers the areas of tropical east, desert west and the frigid Andes. Peru is located in the continent of South America and includes the land borders of many other countries: Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, and Brazil.

Political economy and culture analysis:

The political constitution of Peru is that the natural resources are the heritage of the nation and the states determine the environmental policy and promote the sustainable use of its natural resources. The political system of Peru is a dramatic Republic, and the one president controls the state as well as the government. The political legislative is elected through the universal suffrage. All the members of the country and the board have equal rights to give the votes except the few adult citizens that have some legitimate issues of citizenship.......................

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