Grolsch: Growing Globally Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Grolsch reassesses its international strategy in light of the recent acquisition by SABMiller, the second largest brewer in the world. Grolsch was the 21st-largest beer brand, sold 51.5 percent of its volume in international markets, and are exported to 70 countries. However, its low profitability in international markets - only four countries account for two thirds of sales abroad - and outflow of markets and trading partners have expressed concern about the company's international strategy and execution. Grolsch for 60 years in the foreign markets provides a rich backdrop to introduce a range of international issues strategies, including performance measurement studies for expanding the market of choice, and the choice of entry mode.Grolsch Growing Globally Case Solution

by Pankaj Ghemawat, Jordan Mitchell, 31 pages. Publication Date: 06 May 2011. Prod. #: PG0001-PDF-ENG

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Grolsch: Growing Globally

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