Grameen Danone Foods Ltd., a Social Business Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Grameen Danone Foods Ltd., a Social Business Case Solution

What is the concept of the social business enterprises?

Advanced ventures are confronted with issues of 'conceptualization failure', the inability to catch the genuine substance of the individual. Prasso (2007) illustrates the idea further substantially; YUNUS accepts not that Adam Smith's view of profit-motivated, free-market capitalism enterprise is imperfect, however that it is excessively constrained. The ordinary believing that private industry breeds wealth creators and contenders who in this manner spread that money by making employments and open doors for the benefit of social orders has not worked out exceptionally well for most of the world'. YUNUS and Weber (2007) show the irregular characteristics in the worldwide dissemination of wage by percent of global wage goes to 40 percent of the general population while the other 60 percent should live on just six percent of the world wage. A historical point report discharged by The World Bank (2008) assessed the worldwide poor now surpassing an expected 1.4 billion, up from around 1 billion according to past evaluations. This adds up to over a fifth of the aggregate world populace. As per The World Bank (2005) there has not been a quantifiable quickening in the destruction of destitution in the creating scene in the previous decade, as very nearly 33% of the nations have demonstrated no expansion in GDP per capita since 1980 and by and large, somewhere in the range of 50 percent of creating nations confirmed an increase in the quantity of individuals beneath the neediness line of US$1 every day amid the 1990s.

What do you know about the GRAMEE group?

In 1976, Muhammad Yunus, then an educator of financial aspects at the University of Chittagong in Bangladesh, dispatched an examination task to look at the likelihood of outlining a credit conveyance framework to give saving money administrations to poor people. By 1983, Yunus’task, the GRAMEE Bank, had turned into an autonomous bank, which gave "credit to the poorest of the poor in provincial Bangladesh, with no collateral."9 In 2006, the GRAMEE Bank and YUNUS were honored the Nobel Peace Prize, and in 2009, YUNUS was granted the Medal of Freedom by U.S. President Barack Obama. As of April 2010, the GRAMEE Bank had 8.29 million borrowers, 97% of whom were ladies. The bank had 2,564 branches and given administrations in 81,355 towns, offering administrators in more than 97% of the cities in Bangladesh. The bank had advanced $9.54 billion, of which $8.50 billion had been reimbursed. The credits remarkable totaled $93.97 million. The bank's credit recuperation rate was 96.83%. The GRAMEE Bank had 25 sister organizations. Four of the organizations made up the GRAMEE Group.

What is a Business Model?

GRAMEE Danone Foods had three shareholders GRAMEE (involved GRAMEE Byabosa Bikash, GRAMEE Kalyan, GRAMEE Shakti, and GRAMEE Telecom) held half (87.5 million takes [$1,312,500]), none. Communitiesheld 29% (50 million takes [$750,000]), and Danone Asia Pte. Ltd. held 21% (37.5 million takes [$562,500]). " YUNUS depicted how the organization, set up as a social business, was intended to work: "We would maintain the business so as to bring about no misfortunes and to produce a little excess. Out of this overflow, the underlying venture of the two gatherings would be reimbursed as right on time as would be prudent

What is the condition of health in Bangladesh?

In 2009, Bangladesh had a population of 156 million. The population comprised of mostly youth, as 35% of the general population were less than 15 years old; 11% were less than five years old. The nation was to a significant degree thick, with 2,639 tenants for each square mile............

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