Camp Dresser & McKee: Getting Incentives Right Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

"If you try to use money to motivate behavior, you are in a powerful and dangerous place, especially with engineers and scientists," said Tom Furman, CEO of Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc (CDM), a consulting firm Environmental Engineering. Historically, CDM followed the "egalitarian" management bonus program based on quality indicators. The industry growth has slowed and competition has increased since 1991, management changed the incentive plan to tie it closer to achieving business goals. This case describes a system of bonuses and incentive compensation, and evaluation process. It ends Furman thinking about how to interpret the CDM system to reward the four CDM leaders accordingly. "Hide
by Ashish Nanda, M. Julia Prats Source: HBS 20 pages. Publication Date: November 8, 2001. Prod. # 902 122-PDF-ENG

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Camp Dresser & McKee: Getting Incentives Right

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