Godrej Security Solutions Ltd: Moving To Consumer Action Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Date: 11-17-2015
From: XYZ
Re: Communication strategy for the company in the future

The major problems that have been identified at Godrej Security Solutions (GSS) is the fact that although the two advertising campaigns that have been used by the firm in the past have been successful. However, looking at the future, the company needs to identify the communication strategy. The company, I believe, needs to devise a communication plan for the year 2015.

In order to over come the problem that has been identified in the company, I believe the company should follow the below mentioned promotional or the communication for the GSS moving ahead in the future. The first alternative I believe for the company is to sell its products to the customers through direct mails, by participating in exhibitions and also through direct sales. The reason for this alternative is based on the fact that since the market share of GSS has been quite large, therefore to sustain in the market, the company needs to target the audience that the company believes can be the potential target market in the future. This was also because the sales would increase further and the client base would increase along the way. The major advantage of this alternative is that it would help GSS remain a strong player in the market where the element of brand awareness shall be more prevalent. However, one major drawback of this kind of communication plan is that it is costly and it does not guarantee success to the company. .......................

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