What Can a Mosquito Do to an Elephant (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 1999, Lesotho, the tiny African country the size of Maryland or Belgium, faced with a huge accomplishment. Lesotho water project (LHWP), one of the largest engineering and infrastructure projects in the world. Slated for the good of the country, in many ways, he was surrounded by allegations of corruption. In the center of the scandal was Lesotho official Masupha Ephraim Sole, accused of taking bribes in the first year of implementation of the many companies involved in the construction. In addition to the prosecution of Sole, Lesotho considers almost unthinkable: mounting the prosecution of transnational companies - Court of Lesotho - allegedly bribed Sole. This is, in all respects, will be a labor of Sisyphus. This is a series of four cases identified through D, UV1142 through UV1145.
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by Pat Werhane, Jenny Mead, Mollie Painter-Moreland Source: Darden School of Business 15 pages. Publication Date: August 17, 2006. Prod. #: UV1142-PDF-ENG

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What Can a Mosquito Do to an Elephant (A)

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