Identification of the Key Issues for the Target Market Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Identification of the Key Issues for the Target Market Case Solution

On the current basis, the Company does not have any serious strategy for targeting their customersto emphasize their organization that is the main issue for the company.

The company is working with a 100% satisfaction level, which isan enormousachievement for the enterprise. Thecompany has to take some course of action to increase its level of profit by setting its criteria from customer to customer and its target market strategy.

The company also hasanissue,it's offering it 100% free return policy to their customers, which led to some non-serious clients and this should be tackledby targeting the consumer method.

The company is suffering from technical issueswhich reduces the number ofcustomers ina continuous manner. The company should take some remedies for resolving these matters; this is a big hurdle for the company to target their customer.

The company is not following its advertisement section in anefficient manner.

An alternative course of Action:

The alternative course of action should be taken in consideration by the company,as a major factor. The factors of the remedies are as follows:

The company should considermaking advertisement on the social websites of their product; this will helpful for the company grab the attentions of the customer.

The company should follow up withthe social sites with the target market and customer, this course of action provides information to the business that is the requirement of the city and the people to buy according to their taste and considerable verity of the product.

The company should make a right panel of the psychological evaluators.

The company should follow up their technical management issues with the course of action to establish the experienced technical professional team who can tackle down the primary functions of the enterprise which is the running of the website store.

Suggested course of Action with supporting logic:

The Suggesting Words for the company about the methods of the alternatives to taking in the consideration which will lead the company to the improved way.

The above alternatives have a point that company should follow up on asocial website. The social website is one good source to make the audience for your product. The company should make the advertisement with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Etc. Thesecourses of action of publicitywill lead the company to a sufficient amount of audience on adaily basis, which will lead to the continuous increasing of the customer on aregular basis.

The companyshould create the business pages in the social websites to take the views of theircustomerson a daily basis, to make the suggested correction in their web services.

The company should make a right panel of the psychological evaluators who can evaluate the mindset of the customer’s need and wants; this can also cause the company rephrases to assess the difference of its non-serious and serious customer identification.

Identification of the Key Issues for the Target Market Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



The technology is the key factor for the business to make their operations and functions. If the technical issue is prohibiting the company on the continuous basis, the company will lose its customers. The company should follow up the alternation given in the section of an alternative course of actions.....................

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