The Haidilao Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Haidilao Hot Pot brings customers a delicious dinner. Like most restaurants, its labor force is composed mainly of young professionals born in less developed suburban areas. Instilled with a unique entrepreneurial founder values ​​are enthusiastic and motivated to deliver extraordinary customer service creatively. This case illustrates the entrepreneurial experience of the founder, his values, and provides a unique employee of Haidilao style. Structural changes initiated in 2010, and information on a competitor Haidilao - The Little Sheep Group is also represented provoke discussion and comparison of students' Hide
. by F. Warren McFarlan, Zheng Xiaoming, Ziqian Zhao Source: Tsinghua University 24 pages. Publication Date: November 4, 2011. Prod. #: TU0021-PDF-ENG

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The Haidilao Company

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