Global Advertising and the World Wide Web Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The potential to reach so many diverse markets make Web extremely attractive for global advertising. This perspective notwithstanding, compared to television and radio, there are many things about the web that fit into the category of "at least for now." High expectations caused a sensation overtake reality. Decisions on WWW available to address issues such as: What Web sense different from traditional media? suitable for each firm? If it will be used, as can be complementary to other aspects of web marketing strategy? Evaluation Matrix analyzes web-building in accordance with the brand's global presence and consumer characteristics. Overall, the focus should be on how to integrate web advertising to the existing activities of the media. While the web to change the way companies prepare announcements and respond to client requests, it seeks to serve only as separate groups, but not all customers, not about to replace the customer service, or other advertising media -. least until "Hide
by V. Wossen Kassaye Source: Business Horizons 10 pages. Publication Date: May 15, 1997. Prod. #: BH032-PDF-ENG

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Global Advertising and the World Wide Web

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