Fintech Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


  • How does Joe Kwo, The CIO (Chief Information Officer and the Executive Vice President (EVP); respond to the selection among the best cloud services providers among Amazon, Microsoft, and Google?
  • Fintech is a Tampa based company so they must have to develop their system on the basis of time. The benefit of cloud service is more important. The cloud service has the ability to transfer the work related to infrastructure update and reliability to provide more extensive scale and experience. If Fintech delays the decision it will loses its ability as compare to competitor. What provider provides the fastest integrated system with less glitches?
  • What can be done to ensure that the selected cloud Provider meets or exceeds the customer expectations of Fintech?

Fintech Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Utilizing the six decisions the “IT should not make” Framework on the Cloud Selection, the company is relying on the data being available and its selection on the right provider being chosen, which links the key organization data integration with an analysis of consumer expectations.

  • How much should we spend on IT?
    1. The required costs for the three products are Amazon at 1638$ pm, Google Platform at 1684$ pm, while Microsoft Azure with the highest with 7301$ pm, what further benefits does Azure produce in relation to others.
    2. The organization’s EFTPS system is the backbone of the organization, and if the integration is not done successfully then the whole idea for the project will be rendered useless. Costs should not be considered if the benefits are very high.
  • How can we justify the budget with EFTPS, the analysis being rendered? And its effectiveness of the budget spending? Which Department provides that?
    1. The cloud service does lower the total cost of owner (TCO) as compare to other services. The service provide the more relevant knowledge and available when you want them. The most important benefit that cloud service provides to Fintech is easily mobile access. If the Fintech delayed its decisions it will losses the chance of all these benefits.
  • What capabilities are we looking among the cloud providers?
    1. Each of these cloud services platform combined with Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and the source of control system.
    2. All of three cloud service providers had trained multiple consultants on their relative products.
    3. The database of the Google is more easy and flexible to customize. Its configurations are also flexible. Google offer discount if the number of the consumers increases, so the price is flexible, but data needs to be ensured for long term usage.
  • How Good the Platform Really needs to be?
    1. Does the platform chosen addresses all the problems that were considered at the first stage to ensure the success of the project?

The number of users is increasing day by day and Fintech have to reduce the cost of operation. So they have to operate most effective system. Now the companies are attractive toward the room of innovations..........................

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