General Electric: Reg Jones and Jack Welch Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

When GE retired Reginald Jones was director of the work of Jack Welch on April 1, 1981 Wall Street Journal reported that GE ¬ędecided to replace a legend with a live wire." Some wondered if the young dynamo can fill the very big shoes of State Elder. But Welch was a very powerful and well-defined vision of where he wanted his company to go. By 1984, he regrouped sector GE, revised its core business, have made large investments and retirement solutions, changed the company's approach to planning and dramatically reduce staff. Despite significant recession in the world economy and flat sales, profits rose from $ 1.5 billion in 1980 to $ 2.3 billion in 1984. This case chronicles the evolution of GE through the 1970s and early 1980s, with a particular account the changes caused by Reg Jones, and how Jack Welch took this heritage, and to change it in accordance with the requirements of the new decade. "Hide
by Christopher A. Bartlett, Francis J. Aguilar, Kenton W. Elderkin Source: Harvard Business School 25 pages. Publication Date: June 29, 1991. Prod. #: 391144-PDF-ENG

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