Galaxy Television: Melding Worlds or Cultural Big Bang Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Suitable for MBA, EMBA, GEMBA and educational programs, this event is considered the beginning of career potential of a global leader. Emily Kuo joined Galaxy TV, Arabic TV launch, as the head of corporate planning and worked in Rome for 10 months. She was heading back to Los Angeles to make a special televised Academy Awards. Her team included Arab-air talent and producers, the British production techniques, Italian accountant, and American support staff production. Given the mix of cultures represented on her team, Go wondered how she could generate trust and solidarity of members required for a fruitful collaboration. Will there be a difference in group dynamics, now that they were in Los Angeles, not in Rome? Will she act differently? In a broader sense, Guo was wondering whether she could continue to address the challenges inherent in living abroad and working in a multinational company. Was melange of cultures in a pressure cooker multinational start-up companies too much change? Galaxy had plenty of culture too different to mix and bring? Will she be able to find a way to combine your world and those who are in the galaxy? Galaxy TV or be it the "big bang"? "Hide
by Lynn A. Isabella, Gerry Yemen, Elyta H. Koh Source: Darden School of Business 10 pages. Publication Date: August 10, 2011. Prod. #: UV5851-PDF-ENG

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Galaxy Television: Melding Worlds or Cultural Big Bang

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