Gazi (B): Bringing the sum of the parts together with the whole Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The Gazi case B focuses on two issues: first, it supplies a bottom-up view on each of gazi's main lines of business, specifically, the avis/budget car rental and other vehicle and leasing businesses, in bound tourism, outbound tourism and ticketing, conference and event company, and cruise ship landings. Detailed plans are presented for every business lines and can be compared with amounts and plans presented in a case, which provides a top-down view. Both views remain far apart. Gazi's top-down vision is to get entire business earnings of 100 million Euros within five years; bottom up estimates range from 50 million Euros overall downwards. The case discusses the best way to accommodate these two outlooks that are disparate. It enables students to understand the real issue behind these disparate growth goals which will decide the overall corporate company definition and extent, and whether the previous pattern of diversification that is constant is sustainable in the long term. The second option in case B would be to decide on a brand name that is potential to replace Albanian experience for convention business and the incoming tourism. The brand's present credibility and utility was overtaken by a considerable de facto expansion of tourism destinations to comprise almost the entire Balkan region, Greece to the south and areas of Italy to the north, as well as destinations in central and Eastern Europe (cee). They are of course linked, although the corporate range and focus issue and the branding problem appear to be separate. A new brand name must be found which if possible represents USPs as well as the brand new tourist sources, destinations, and the complete company extent.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP



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Gazi (B): Bringing the sum of the parts together with the whole

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