Gary Loveman — Paths to Power (Video) DVD Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

When the then Director General of Harrah, Phil Satre, suggested Gary Loveman, Chief Operating Officer (COO) position, Loveman life changed. Bringing Gary Loveman at Harrah was not the most obvious step and caused some internal and external crash. Loveman, untenured associate professor at Harvard Business School, who had little management experience, will now operate 15 casinos with more than 10,000 rooms and more than 35,000 employees. The gaming industry was dominated by insiders, who spent his career in the gaming industry, working their way from the bottom up. In the video, Loveman points out what factors have helped him succeed. He brought a competitive spirit, a bundle of energy, and that the team will be able Harrah. Loveman narrowed the scope of responsibility, pushed urgent issues, and has worked hard to get trust everyone. This video is designed to be used with the written case OB45 Gary Loveman and Harrah Entertainment and is part of the path to power, Jeffrey Pfeffer series. Other titles available in this series include: OB56V-05 and OB56V-04 Rudy Crew, Keith OB44 Ferrazzi and accompanying video OB44V, OB55V Jack Valenti, OB42A OB42B and Dr. Laura Esserman and accompanying video OB42V-04 and OB42V-05 "Hide
by Jeffrey Pfeffer Source: Supplement 14 minutes of video. Publication Date: January 27, 2004. Prod. #: OB45V-VID-ENG

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Gary Loveman — Paths to Power (Video) DVD

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