Gap, Inc., 2012, Chinese Version Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

These two businesses, each less than a quarter of the size in 2000 of Gap, were now setting the pace in the world mass trend market, and Gap appeared to be falling ever farther behind. A sustained rally remained elusive, while several temporary profit boosts appeared to herald a restoration.

Gap's CEO since 1983, Mickey Drexler, who had been responsible for Gap's rise to global prominence, was fired in 2002 after a couple of years of double digit, same-store sales declines and a 75% fall in the stock price. His successor, Paul Pressler, seemed to have engineered a remarkable recovery, but was fired in profits after disappointing sales and another slump in 2007.  His alternative was Glenn Murphy, who was fresh from a successful reversion at a Canadian drug-store chain, guaranteed tighter price controls, lower administrative costs, as well as a leaner, more competitive Gap, but sales continued to fall over his tenure. In 2012, 8% had been lifted by sales, same-store sales were strongly positive for all of Gap's domestic sub-brands, and the company's share price had lifted almost 50% from the preceding years. Subsequent to 12 years of dampening performance, had Glenn Murphy conclusively found the solutions to Gap's issues?"


This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Gap, Inc., 2012, Chinese Version

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