Furman Selz LLC (A): Tale of Two Acquisitions Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Profiles of the company, which was acquired two companies, with varying degrees of success. The main problem of integration is present in the acquisition transaction, when the primary target of human capital assets. Focuses on the acquisition of Furman Selz by Xerox in 1987, his return to the private company in 1993, and the second acquisition of ING, in 1997. In particular, it provides an opportunity to assess the five major corporate transitions: the initial launch as an independent company, Furman Selz, in 1973, the transition to professional management in 1983-1986, the purchase Xerox in 1987; MBO in 1993, and the acquisition of ING 1997. Gifts transactions from several points of view. Founders and their associates professional managers involved in the promotion of the company to the next level, gained by both through Xerox and Xerox, ING and ING itself "Hide
by Nancy Dean Beaulieu, Boris Groysberg, Kyle T. Doherty Source: HBS 31 pages. Publication Date: April 8, 2005. Prod. #: 905066-PDF-ENG

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Furman Selz LLC (A): Tale of Two Acquisitions

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