Capital vs. Talent: The Battle Rages On Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Of the giant pension fund small retail investors, capital increasingly lost its patience talent, whether managers, fund managers, lawyers, investment bankers, athletes or actors. The fact is, the capital is no longer the undisputed scarce resource "of the economy and, consequently, its power over talent will continue to decrease rapidly. Talent, meanwhile, is busy flexing its muscles "in a variety of industries that require huge payback. Author describes four tactics that talent can be used to benefit from this scenario, and while it will not be an enjoyable time for the capital in the near future, he describes four defense that capital can be used to protect themselves from greedy talent.
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by Roger Mitchell Source: Rotman School of Management, 5 pages. Publication Date: September 1, 2008. Prod. #: ROT076-PDF-ENG

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Capital vs. Talent: The Battle Rages On

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