Four tips to land a great job straight out of school Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Four tips to land a great job straight out of school


The article “Four tips to land a great job straight out of school” is quite an interesting article for new graduates seeking employment. Basically, it identifies why some students although having expensive postsecondary degrees do not find a job or even end up in an unrelated industry. According to a survey by campus recruiters of Royal Bank of Canada and Suncor Energy, identified four traits following which can actually help students find right job and in the right industry. First of all, demonstrated on-campus involvement and leadership where students should highlight their transferable skills. Secondly, the right mix of soft skills which indicates employees are looking beyond resumes. The employer looks for communication skills, problem-solving skills and the ability to organize. The student should also have strong written and oral communication skills in order to actually portray their positive thinking and impression to the employer. Lastly, understanding of the employer and the industry means that student should study about the employer before appearing in an interview to identify their business and analyze whether they fit into it. According to employers there is no magic formula however, as by following the above four traits students can succeed more often than not.


The article was quite a unique one and had interesting updates in it. It simply highlighted the points which most of the expensive postsecondary schools do not teach students during the classes. It was quite relevant because many times students do not really focus on developing themselves according to the demands of the employer. In fact, they rely heavily on their resumes which actually do not portray the real self of the student. Therefore, such articles remind students where they lack in their personalities while searching for jobs........................

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Four tips to land a great job straight out of school

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