Open Innovation At Siemens Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Siemens is the German corporation founded in 1847 by Werner Von Siemens and Johann Georg Halske, as a telegraph company. In the 20th century, Siemens continued to grow through its alliances, mergers, acquisition and market expansion of its essential business. By 2012, Siemens employed 370,000 people in more than 190 countries. Siemens operates around the globe, its activities includes power generation, transmission and distribution, smart grid of solutions and electrical energy. Siemens has a decentralized structure consisting of four main sectors such as, Energy, Healthcare, Industry and infrastructure.

As a case states, the essential challenges face by Siemens is the future of the open innovation program.In order to gain success in the open innovation process the innovation management and structure should better understand the process strategy and its key challenges, and drive possible solutions to implement the process in the company. Moreover, Siemens should analyze the importance of resources, abilities and capabilities the Siemens should possess and its contribution towards competitive advantage and market expansion of the company.

Furthermore, Siemens helps to inspire the entrepreneurial strategy and provide opportunity among the employees, but decentralization is the challenges faced by the company. As a result, there is a lack of coordination and communication between the company units. The company operates in 289 major production and manufacturing companies, the company has its office, warehouses, research and development in all over the world.


According to the case, the essential problem and challenges face by Siemens is to introduce the Open Innovation Program in the company. The company with open innovation strategy failed to create purely an open culture and system of acquiring knowledge externally. The company should develop two approaches in order to solve the problems of the company such as Techno Web 2.0 and ODRAM LED emotionalize your light Contest.

Open Innovation At Siemens Case Solution


According to the case, Lackner realize that there were no effective tools for identifying technology experts. He went forward in order to create a sophisticated internal social site, which allows Siemens to identify the experts. This network is known as Techno Web 2.0. This network upgraded and make easy to communicate and explore innovative ideas. In other works, Social platform for Siemens worldwide to bring experts in a fast process and assistance for urgent problems. Fully function of social sites allows the user to create a complete profile page which includes photos, personal information and full public disclosure of participation and activities.This technology also enables the user to involve in the technological and business areas in order to get the latest update of the current issues, business topics, technological rends and updates, and firm capabilities.

OSRAM LED emotionalize your light Contest:

The Lacker’s team and OSRAM partnered with HYVE, to introduce the OSRAMLED emotionalize light contest. The purpose of this approach is to generate ideas and design a contest that would be open for everyone to create a new innovative idea and creative consumer oriented LED light solutions. Furthermore, to engage people around the world to participate in the creating innovative ideas.

The contest consists of two phases such as, generating ideas of different people and improving those ideas to come up with innovative ideas and offer prices to those improved ideas. OSRAMLED is more effective, efficient, longer lived software with controlled technology that offered infinite color variety. There are numerous advantages of the LEDs on the basis of low energy consumption, high economic benefits and longtime and greater service intervals. It also provides maximum reliability in a complex working conditions.


TechnoWeb 2.0 is the best possible solution that Siemens should implement in order to gain competitive advantages. Lacker creates Technoweb 2.0, a social internal network that helps to identify experts within the company. This network helps makes easy to communicate and explore innovative ideas within the company. Emphasis is placed on exploring an actual open innovation initiative within Siemens and their outcomes.Communication and knowledge enhance productivity and creativity among the employees.

Another key importance of the TecnoWeb 2.0 was the urgent request function, quickly responding to the problems occurs in the company. Users appreciate this network and reported that this process save time by finding answers of hidden knowledge, cost saving ideas and access to suppliers and technologies through TechnoWeb. The basic purpose of the Siemens effort is to develop and commercialize new R&D through open innovation. The technical community of the Siemens consider TechnoWeb as an effective and solved real problems by creating sustainable and dynamic knowledge network. Technoweb 2.0 easily works and everyone may initiate and join a network. There are other features of Techno Web such as, connect people via activity streams and make emergent communities visible and facilitate their work..................

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