Final Voyage of the Challenger Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A summary of the technical and organizational details that led to the decision to launch the space shuttle Challenger, and the next accident. Details of the development and testing milestones Space Shuttle, with emphasis on the solid rocket booster, provide opportunities for project management and organizational analysis. NASA's risk management framework and its use for the Space Shuttle program provides students with the risks associated with the use of technology. Against the principles of engineering decision making, the role of professional knowledge, as well as issues related to the representation of the data, and quality compared to the quantitative analysis are addressed. Some issues of professional ethics and personal responsibility associated with complex solutions in technology intensive environment are presented in the context of the crisis. Analysis of the case should include an evaluation of the project management and ideas about organizational changes in order to avoid recurrence. "Hide
by Oscar Hauptman, George Iwaki Source: Harvard Business School 35 pages. Publication Date: November 28, 1990. Prod. #: 691037-PDF-ENG

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Final Voyage of the Challenger

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