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In April 2007, Christina Richmond laced up her running shoes and started running four miles to the house Kirsten Tobey's. It was Saturday morning, but the two co-founders of the revolution Foods (RevFoods), provider of health food and nutrition in schools in San Francisco and Los Angeles, felt the pressure to finalize a plan for the effective management of their relationship with Maria Nunez. Nunez, skeptical and influential administrator power, were undermining RevFoods program in Green Academy, the charter school in the Bay Area in California. Richmond and Toby thinks that if they do not solve the problem now, their contract with the school, it may be recalled, a result that could jeopardize continuous RevFoods with other schools. As Richmond jogging up the last hill before reaching the residence of Toby, she wondered how best to turn his strained relationship with Nunez in a productive partnership. "Hide
by Bethany Coates, H. Irving Grousbeck Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business 14 pages. Publication Date: November 17, 2008. Prod. #: E322-PDF-ENG

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