Female Entrepreneurship in Turkey Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Female entrepreneurs have an important role in domestic and international economic scene and they represent a potential for development of the economy. In developed nations, women have special incentives and support for the growth and development of their entrepreneurialcareer. There are policies that protect them from discrimination and inequality. Additionally, there are a variety of organizations and associations which deal with issuesthat arise in women entrepreneurship and provide them with a variety of necessary support.

The present study sheds light on female entrepreneurship with a focus on Turkey. It is prudent to explore the various factors that impact female entrepreneurship. Such factors include the level of education, religion, culture and educational level, support initiatives from the local and state governments among others. While understanding factors that impact female entrepreneurship is important, a close look at the trend of female entrepreneurship in Turkey and other neighbouring countries gives a clear look at the nation. This study will be important for policymakers to determine various steps to be taken to either speed up or initiate female entrepreneurship in Turkey.

Female Entrepreneurship in Turkey Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Thesis Statement

The paper will examine the present condition of female entrepreneurship in Turkey. It will assess the various incentives that support and increase women entrepreneurship in the country. It will proceed to analyze the various challenges women face in enhancing their entrepreneurship ventures. Social issues such as marriage, education and profession will be explored and how theyaffect female entrepreneurship in Turkey.

Since with the passage oftime andincreasedconcentration of females in the market, the contribution of females to the Turkisheconomy has been increased.Though at a small level, such contribution has affected the economy positively.Over the past few years, with the emergence of equality right and equal employment laws, many women have stepped out to initiate small businessesin the market, however, with the construction of the credibility of women as an entrepreneur, domestic issues(such as family support) and multiple domestic roles such as mothers’and wives’ have affectedthe probability of the women in attaining entrepreneurial aid to start the business or carry the business in the long term.

The above statistics depictthe ratio of female employers as compared to men in Turkey over the period of time. Hence,the particular study is aimed to find those factors that hinder the active participation of women in the market.

Problem Statement  

“To investigate the female to male ratio in the commercial markets of Turkey and the factors that are hindering active female participation in business space”.

Accordingtoresearch, 70% of the entrepreneurs in Turkey are male. Suchdepicts therole ofbiases in the Turkish market andas discussed above, female’s ratio in the overallpopulation is nearly equal to men.

According to (Baslevent, 2003), men have seemed to achieve more favourable opportunities for start-ups as compared to women.Such can be seen from the investor’s point of view, where the investors are reluctant to trouta female-oriented business as compared to men. This can be due to the defined roles and attitudestowards the gender in the market.Also, since males have more knowledge and exposure to the outer market, they tend to succeed in the business more as compared to females,who may have education, but the lack of exposure and confidence dooms theperformance of the business.................

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