A Project Dilemma at Canadian Shield Insurance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


In this report, we have analyzed the factors that should be considered when making the choice of the ISS system for the company. Secondly, we have listed down the problems that the current system, i.e. ALPHA has and other business issues that the insurance company is currently facing. Moreover, we have discussed the situation from Seamus Reynolds’s point of view. Considering his position, we have suggested what he should do next in order to make up for the time and budget that has been spend on the project and how he can deal with the resistance from the employees and his team.

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A Project Dilemma at Canadian Shield Insurance

A Project Dilemma at Canadian Shield Insurance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Seamus Reynolds is the manager of the information system department at a Canadian based insurance company, Canadian Shield Insurance Company. It is a mid-sized company and it operates as a division under Assurance Centrale Inc. Five years ago, the company considered changing itsISS system, ALPHA, due to the issues it was facing because of the system. Seamus Reynolds was appointed as the project manager to build an in-house ISS system, which would fulfill the needs of the company. The plan was to develop a pilot project and see how it performs, if it would meet the demands, then it would be installed in all of the Assurance Centrale. But, unfortunately, events folded in such a way that the project became a mess for Seamus. Not only was it not completed on the due time but it also cost 5 times more than the planned budget.

Now that the ISS system is developed and it is being tested in the company, the response from the employees is not at all positive. According to them, it is very hard to use because of its complexity. Secondly, the system is also showing constant errors, which is making the situation worse for Seamus. Moreover, the system is not flexible enough to adapt to certain regulations.

In addition to the above issues that the Seamus is facing regarding ISS, there is another decision that he has to make. He recently discovered a new system AIS from a company and the features of the system are such that it would fulfill the needs of Canadian Shield Insurance. Nowhe has to make a decision whether he should stick with APLHA or implement ISS because of the time and money that has been utilized on it or should he tell the management about AIS.

An analysis is done in this report considering the position of the project manager and the needs of the company regarding the ISS system.


Factors to be considered

While taking a decision about the ISS system which would be the best choice for Canadian Shield insurance, a number of factors should be considered. These factors are listed and discussed below.

  • Adaptation to the regulations.
  • Ease in underwriter’s work.
  • Meet the load demand.
  • Compatibility with other systems and software.

Adaptation to New Regulations

One major thing that is missing in ALPHA system is that it is not flexible enough and is complex to update.............

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