FedDev Ontario Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In August 2009, FedDev Ontario, the Federal Development Agency for Southern Ontario, appointed a new president for evolving the company from the global recession of 2008. As the manufacturing industry of this region, foremost the auto industry, had been affected by the recession that made Ontario a “have not” province for the first time in its history. The federal government had the expectation from this new regional development agency as they believed it would not only create the employment opportunities, but would also play a significant role in supporting the Conservatives for the following elections. The newly appointed president was aware of the importance of support by his minister and political staff in formulating a short-term plan of three months to push and a longer-term plan of one year to develop the agency and its programs. The government was hoping high; but whether this journey that he undertakes would have the highest risk that he ever faced during his tenure.

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FedDev Ontario

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