Exxonmobil Corporation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


In this white paper, a highly profitable and the largest publicly held company, i.e. ExxonMobil Corporation is taken in order to have a closer look over its strategies, current vision, risk management, business and competitive environment, financial outlook and strategic outlook. The management of assets and product portfolio is also discussed and the paper also contains contribution analysis through which, it is notified about the investment and contribution of the company in major aspects of business. Furthermore, the policies are also discussed, which the company hasused since its establishment. Lastly, the vision-2030 of the company is stated as well as the concerns of the company to efficiently exploit upcoming opportunities.


An introduction to ExxonMobil Corporation:

Exxon Mobil Corporation was originated in 1870 and it is headquartered in Irving, Texas. It is primarily engaged in producing and exploring natural and crude oil. Affiliated and division companies of Exxon operated on market products primarily in the United States and worldwide. The company is also interested in electric power generation facilities.

As the largest publicly held natural gas company of the world, Exxon Mobil uses innovation and technology to responsibly and safely deliver products and energy the world needs. Importantly, it has been diligently addressing the challenges in order to meet the demand of the growing global energy industry. It is the second largest integrated natural gas and oil company all around the world.

The company is extensively involved in production, exploration, marketing and transportation in more than 200 territories and countries. It is one of the major manufacturers of basic petrochemicals such as aromatics, olefins, and polypropylene and polyethylene plastics. Many refined products are also supplied to more than 40000 service stations which tend to be operated under brand names Esso, Mobil and Exxon (about-us, 2017).

Exxonmobil Corporation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Strategic Management:

Aims and objectives:

In 1999, two well-known companies merged together, i.e. Exxon & Mobil. This merger made the company one of the largest public listed energy companies with its subsidiaries in many countries. It is supposed to be thewealthiest private company.

For the past 5 years, it was ranked at number 1 and 2 consecutively with 37 oil refineries in almost 21 countries, which have constituted a daily refining capacity of 6.3 million barrels. The guiding principle of ExxonMobil is committed to be the premier petrochemical and petroleum company around the world, promised to gain superior operating and financial results and at the same time, adhering to high financial standards.

They became a major marketer and manufacturer of commodity and specialty petrochemicals, as it is reported that over 90% of their chemical businesses are ranked either first or second, by the present condition of market, worldwide.

The ultimate strategic objective of Exxon Mobil is to increase profitability and productivity so it could become a driving force for both petrochemical and petroleum industry.

Corporate Strategy:

The strategy being followed by ExxonMobil is focused on developing in the emerging and new markets, as the organization sufficiently holds a domineering position in the market; it will use that part of the information....................

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