Denosumab Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Denosumab  Case Solution


AMGEN is the world’s leading biotech company; it is a value-based company which has deep roots in science, technology and innovation. Amgen is continuously evolving and transforming itself to discover and innovate the medicines that can cure the people suffering from osteoporosis, metastases and Skeletal-related-events (SRE’s).

Moreover, the company is consistently transforming to unlock the biology for patients suffering from severe illness by discovering, manufacturing and delivering innovative human therapeutics. The company uses advance genetics to unravel the complexities of disease and understand the fundamentals of human biology.

Amgen focuses on areas of high unmet medical need and leverages its expertise to strive for solutions, which may help to improve the health of patients dramatically.

The company started in 1980 with the name “applied molecular genetics”, which changed to Amgen in 1983.The company had flourished over a long period of time, and it got around 10 medicines approved in the USA, which was a big success for the company.In 2010, Amgen faced a decline in the sales of one of its medicine,aranesp, which affected the share price of Amgen.After the decline in the sales of “Aranesp”,Amgen started working on denosumab, which took 16 years of research and hard work to become successful in the treatment of osteoporosis and meta stases.Denosumab is an entirely monoclonal human antibody, which can treat osteoporosis. Amgen introduced two medications under Denosumab, where one was Prolia for the treatment of osteoporosis whereas, the other one was Xgeva which was used to prevent bone metastases.

The total forecasted revenue of Amgen after the successful positioning of xgeva and proliain 2015 would be 575,244,141and 323,712,510 respectively.


According to the analysis performed, we have deduced the market share of the company which would be 20,503,651,387.02. We have taken the average of the market share of the players present in the market.The fore casted market share for the year of 2015 is 16% whereas,the fore casted sales are 323,712,510.


There are about 30.1 million people in the US out of which 15.5 are reported to be suffering from osteoporosis, and from that 15.5 million only 40% people are getting the treatment,while the rest are not taking any measures to overcome the disease. Prolia can target those people through active communication with the target market through billboard marketing and digital marketing. The company can also cater those customers that it has not catered yet through attractive advertisement campaigns positioning the leading actresses of the industry. Moreover, it can also spread awareness of the severity of osteoporosis through active BTL activities and continuous connection with the target market. The company has to invest heavily in its marketing department so as to successfully create the need of Prolia for osteoporosis.

For every medicine, there are always side effects, which may harm the body. The side effects of Prolia are; calcium blood, severe abdominal (stomach pain), high thigh fracture rate (long bones), skin infection, joint and muscle pain. Prolia can overcome these issues by providing an adequate amount of information to the patient and the doctor as well. The company must educate the doctors before hand regarding the consequences that the medicine can bring.Moreover, they should restrict the patients to have detailed test reports if they are going to prescribe Prolia.On the other hand, the company must create awareness by identifying the side effects of the medicine under the cover of cooperate social responsibility. In this way, they can overcome the barrier as well as maintain a good image of the product.


Through our analysis, we deduced that Zometaand Xgeva have the same customer base and there would be little or no difference in the market share of Xgeva and Zometa because for now Zometa is already an established leader in the market whereas, Xgeva is in the development phase. According to the data, both have almost same amount of adverse effects on the patients, where the patients experienced same kind of relief or improvements in their health with the use of both..................

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