Europe, Russia, and the Age of Gas Revolution Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The 2014 Ukraine catastrophe once again exposed the mutually restricting knot-a web of oil and commercial relationships and gas pipelines - that historically tied the European Union and Russia closely. In this crisis, a familiar conundrum bemused heads in the hallways of power in Western capitals: how to compel Russia to respect the Western geopolitical preferences without damaging European allies?

The solution, as previously, pointed to the deficiency of the longer duration demand and workable short-term solutions for acquiring energy independence without losing energy safeguards in EU. The case scenario’s latest predicaments and unintentional effects, by all-union authorities in Brussels to untie the Russian knot by implanting American creations in the European earth: liberalized, see-through natural gas markets and shale gas generation. Executives of Russian and European energy firms present their viewpoints.

PUBLICATION DATE: October 07, 2014 PRODUCT #: 715006-HCC-ENG

This is just an excerpt. This case is about STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Europe, Russia, and the Age of Gas Revolution

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