Japan Confronts an Interdependent World Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Traces the evolution of economic policy in Japan from 1972 to 1992. Describes the collapse of the Japanese stock market in the spring of 1992, raises the question: is the end of the miraculous growth of Japan? To help students to consider this question, the case describes the industry and technology policy in Japan and reviews the major economic events in the period, such as shock Nixon, the oil shock, Plaza agreements and endaka (rising yen value), an increase of U.S. debt, the recession in the U.S. and the depreciation of the dollar. Written from the point of view of the Japanese government's policies. "Hide
by George C. Lodge, Toshio Nagase Source: Harvard Business School 31 pages. Publication Date: September 9, 1992. Prod. #: 793034-PDF-ENG

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Japan Confronts an Interdependent World

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