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Ethen Allen Inc.

Answer 01

Farooq Kathwari, CEO of Ethen Allen said that world has now become smaller due to globalization, which means that it has become easier for markets and people to approach one another. According to him, globalization is enabling to buy products at cheap rates and marketing them in another country reasonably. However, the phenomenon of globalization needs to be understood properly so as to focus on the monumental change in order to become life better. I agree with the statement of the CEO of Ethen Allen Inc. because it is the age of social media and modernization and the access of information is relatively easy as compared to the past as perceptions, thoughts, feelings, expectations and cultural values of the people are changing very quickly. As there are lot of television channels around the world, so that is the reason why people can access the information regarding technology updates, environmental conditions and cultural values very easily that was not possible in the past. If you plan your journey anywhere in the world as desired, then it is possible in the today that you have an ample knowledge regarding it because of globalization. Globalization is the integration of economies because culture is changing dramatically as along with social values and market entry in countries is becoming much easier than before. In addition, to some extent it has created new expectations and opportunities for better life along with innovative challenges.

Answer 02

            The advantage that Ethen Allen Inc. has over its competitors is that they have 40 percent of the products coming globally from China, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and others. This is a very important factor which has become a competitive advantage because if we haven’t implement this approach then we may suffer as a result of it as lot of plants are performing efficiently unlike in the past. Farooq Kathwari wants to achieve and grow rapidly in the long term as he has factories in the areas in which abundant supply of wood has turn out to be one of the great resources for him. Increasing cost in China may have an impact on Ethen Allen Inc.’s strategy as they have around 18 factories in that region because they can bear more transportation and energy cost.

Answer 03

Farooq Kathwari is absolutely right regarding the statement that globalization should have some international standards that favors both developed as well as developing countries. People expectations are increasing day by day due to the social media, which will lead to another conflict because they are seeing the world globally. When he said globalization is the biggest conflict, so meant to say that there was a need to address potential problems and negative impacts of globalization related to environment, trade restrictions, laws etc. Policies, rules and regulations of the bodies like International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Health Organization (WHO), Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), United Nations (UN) and World Trade Organization (WTO) should be supportive as well as helpful for all the countries and should cover the positive aspects of globalization. One more other thing that Farooq Kathwari said was that the loss of his son helped him a lot in understating conflicts which were not good and needed to be resolved.

Answer 04

One of the prime examples of drawbacks of globalization in the United States is that it has cut down various job opportunities in the U.S due to the government policies because they ...................................

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