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The technology plan that shall be discussed in the paper will be about the retail industry. Retail is basically a process of actually selling consumer goods and services to the customers through multiple channels where the organizations look to earn profits. Moreover, the demand in this industry is created by the different promotional tactics that are used to attract the customers, satisfy their needs and eventually provide the customers with products that are necessary for them.

The retail industry has been one of the oldest and one of the most widely served industries in the world. Along with this, since retail industry has been growing rapidly, the use of technology has been inevitable. All the companies operating in the retail sector across the world look to integrate different and latest methods of technology. One of the major transitions in the industry has been the online retailing and electronic e-commerce.

Moreover, with the increasing access to the analytical tools and the data, retailers have actually found information technology as an important tool in the success of the industry. Different technologies are being sued that not only align the intermediaries in the industry, but it also integrates the different intermediaries in the industry. Various hardware and softwares have been introduced in the market that has been driving the success within the market.

Business Intelligence in Retail Industry

Retailers around the world in the modern era look to face complex challenges in the market. They have actually continued to deal with the customers in a radical manner which also involves the different buying behaviors, demand driven supply chain, multi channel business models and a customer centric approach. Therefore, to deal with the ever-changing market, the different retail firms have been looking to explore the customers with a wider scope and a 360º angle.

The business intelligence system in the retail industry involves the integration and the establishment of the software and the hardware components involved in the market. The business intelligence in the retail market is the data possession, access, storage and the management. Moreover, the source system is also included which comprises of the barcode reader, the RFID, CRM, sales force, the handle hand scanner, SAP ERP software, the PLM, WD system, visual audits which is used for the day to day transactions.

Moreover, the ETL layer is also a major source which is responsible for the data extraction, transformation, loading and the cleansing. The data warehouse stores the data which serves the different needs in terms of the forecast, the business plan, the market, transport orders, the Financials, etc.

Basically, it can be said that the role of business intelligence in the retail market is immense and obvious. Along with this, the business intelligence also addresses the strategic planning, the location analysis, market volatility, inventory rationale and it also helps the internal control within the market of retail.

Business intelligence also aligns the company with the needs of the clients. It basically looks to help the managers in designing the marketing campaigns for the specific products and the identification of the opportunities. Along with this, the business intelligence also differentiates the competitors. It improves the business by actually collecting and also analyzing the data from various systems and also in various forms.

Moreover, the business intelligence also integrates the financial data that help in controlling the costs and also optimizes the business performance with the profitability. The aspect of business intelligence is. Therefore an important aspect in the market, which is required to successfully manage the market.

Finally, it can be said that the use of business intelligence has been a rather necessity for all the retailers in the market. The reason is simple, as stated above all the different methods that have become rather effective and efficient within the retailers across the world has been only possible because of the business intelligence.Technology Paper Case Solution

Tools used by the retail companies for business intelligence

            The tools that are used by the retail companies worldwide include quite a few and varied tools. The tools that are used are as follows:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Online analytical processing
  • Digital dashboard
  • Data mining
  • Process mining
  • Local information systems
  • Eclipse BIRT
  • Rapid miner
  • The data that is used for business intelligence is also as follows:..............................

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