Erik Peterson at Biometra Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem Statement

Erik Peterson is the newly hired general manager by Biometra for the launch of the newly developed product by the company. Peterson is also responsible for the sales and marketing along with the promotion of the product is having considerable challenge in achieving the objectives assigned to him. Biometra is the subsidiary of Scientific Material or Sci Mat is launching Catheter as the first product, which is why the launch holds critical significance. The success of the product is vital and important for both the companies.

However, Erik Peterson is receiving little support form the top management and is unable to decide on the launch date for the product. This issue is further supported by several other issues like lack of collaboration between some members, lack of experience of Peterson as a manager and inability to deal and inspire as a leader are some of the prominent. Therefore, the main task of Peterson is to stay connected and reach on the decision for the launch overcoming all the other hindrances.

Situation Analysis

This section will assess the situation more deeply identifying all the issues and their causes individually. This will be significant in identifying the most appropriate recommendation and solution to Peterson. Peterson has some issues that arise form the side of the organization and some issues are related to his personal inabilities which collectively make the situation critically difficult. Thus, the overall situation analysis will cover all the aspects of the current situation and the issues associated with it. This will hold significant importance and will make all the aspects clear.

Peterson joined the firm as the product manager and later on, promoted to the post of General Manager and since his joining, he has been asked to report directly to the vice president of Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy has been dealing with the planning and controlling related issues of peripheral vascular division and possesses lack of experience in handling operations. On the other hand, Hardy faces difficulty in taking immediate decisions and actions and always try to seize conflict by avoiding it.

This causes problems for Peterson as he did not received any constructive support from the side of Hardy. Decisions like engaging KOL and questioning Andrews regarding his inability to manage the issues in Costa Rica regarding production have received no support from Hardy. Thus, Peterson faced critical challenge in moving forward in decision making as the inability of Hardy to deal with big issues and provide any guidance and advice made the route quite difficult for Peterson.

Furthermore, the decision of the company to replace the position of the president and the vice president of the company made the situation more critical. Currently, the stage is very critical and the launch date is very near or the deadline assigned by the company. Therefore, in such situation replacing two important personalities will further jeopardize the decision of the launch date. As the new appointments will make the decision challenging, Peterson will also face significant challenge in convincing the newly appointed heads and seeking their support.

Furthermore, this job is the first challenge for Peterson and his first experience on a managerial post. Therefore, he lacks experience and has been unable to motivate and encourage the team as a leader. Aligning the team on a common goal and avoiding conflicts among team members are his significant weaknesses that are also vital top address.


Since the major objective is to reach a launch date or decide on this factor before the visit of Jenkins along with Harper and Knight, therefore it is recommended to Peterson to focus on enhancing internal communication and aligning on a common goal. A meeting should be conducted in which hardy should also be invited along with the other team members and the situation must be made clear to each individual. The first objective of the meeting must be to communicate while the next will be to receive feedback form the team members.

This strategy will help in gaining support form the team members and also their opinions about the launch date. Secondly, Hardy will also be able to give his words as a source of advice through this open platform. Furthermore, the internal communication will be enhanced and managing internal conflicts within the team will be easier. However, this can be challenging and motivating the team members will be difficult but through effective communication and tone, Peterson will be able to align every member on a one common objective......................

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